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If you ask me

by Marmik Sharma 8 days ago in inspirational

Embrace yourself.

If you ask me
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If you ask me where would I go?

"At my best!"

Or lately, I've been feeling so weary,

so maybe I'll set my soul to rest.

It's been so heavy crappy,

this guilt been having put on my chest.

Like some forced quest is going on,

even my good dreams feel so hexed.

You talk about blisses and blessed,

I wonder if my blessing's even blessed!?

If I ask you, where should I go?

Would you help me? Or just let it go?

'cause what I thought would be my happy place,

is now just filled with pests and foes.

Infested so deep this parasite,

Am I the host or the parasite?

Should I let it consume me?

Should I even put up a fight?

What if I let it prevail on me?

Would I be lost?

Would it be the end on me?

Would I be lost with no trails?

Forgotten in time like an old tale.

I think I know, where I must go.

The journey within, opposing this flow.

Have I been tired or just afraid to try?

probably the latter,

But I'm done with these what's and why's.

I think I found the missing piece

I'm ready to embrace the mess I am

and here I lay my weary head to peace.

Marmik Sharma
Marmik Sharma
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Marmik Sharma

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Anyway, I write some poetry more like raps, to be honest. But here I'll be posting about Data Science and other technical stuff or maybe a mix of everything.

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