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"Whispers from a Soggy Soul: Reflections on a Rainy Day"

By Michelle StampsPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read

If rain could hear me, I would say,

I don't have an umbrella, come back another day!

I have plans that we can't delay

like new haircuts, blow-outs, or new shoes

not made for rain,

or long trips home that can't be sustained.

If rain could hear me, I would say,

"Please rain, don't come, and spoil my day!"

deep down. I know it's true that you have a job to do!

like bringing life and beauty anew.

If rain could hear me, I would say,

Today is my Exs boyfriends birthday I asked if you can ruin his day!

soak his cake box, so he can throw it away

If rain could hear me, I would say

please go away

I have so much to do today

I don't want to get all wet and cold

I'd rather stay inside all warm and bold

but I have to go out, so if you could hear me

oh rain, please, I would plead

To stay up in the clouds indeed

If rain could hear me, I would say,

I don't have on my rain gear today

I don't want to deal with wet socks

I don't want to hear the thunder's roar,

Or see the lightning strike once more.

I don't want to slip on the sidewalk,

or have the cars splash me while im walking by.

If rain could hear me, I would say

I know you're needed for the Earth,

To give it life and bring it mirth.

But can't you come at a better time,

Like when I'm not out and about to climb?

If rain could hear me, I would say

I'm happy today, my mood is fine

please don't make me go home

sad and drink some wine

I don't mean to be rude or bland

But I just don't want you today

so please or please just go away

If rain could hear me I would say

im so sorry for pushing you away

Forgetting how much we need you so,

To nourish the earth and help things grow.

If rain could hear me, I would say

you're such a pain

I wish you'd go and catch a train.

Or maybe go on vacation,

To someplace with more appreciation.

If rain could hear me, I would say,

I don't want to go to school

can you rain down and create a mess

and brake all the rules

I promise I'll do my best and handle all the rest

If rain could hear me I would say

where were you when I needed you

when my job called me in

on my day off man, I just can't win

If rain could hear me I would say

You cleanse the air of dust and grime,

And make it fresher, cleaner, and divine,

Your melody is music to my ears,

A symphony of drops that soothes my fears.

You're a blessing in disguise for all,

With every droplet, you answer the call.

If rain could hear me, I would say,

I know sometimes I can be selfish

by pushing away

Please stay awhile, don't go away.

Your gentle drops upon my face,

Bring peace and calm,

a sweet embrace.

Your pitter-patter lulls me to sleep,

In dreams so deep, hearing the beat of each raindrop hitting my window as I sleep all snuggled in my pillow

If rain could hear me, I would say

you're a wondrous sight,

A blessing in disguise each night,

Your gentle touch is such a treat,

I can't wait until our next meeting.

So, if rain could hear me, I'd say,

Stay a while, and bless us today,

Bring us your love and grace, And let us enjoy your sweet embrace."

But only when im prepared and you're needed.

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Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I bring a fresh perspective to the table, and my unique voice is worth exploring. Readers can expect to witness growth and development in my writing.

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