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If Love Was Real

A Poem about what if love was real

By The Sinister PenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

At times I imagine how wonderful it

would feel if love was real

Oh yes indeed how wonderful life would be

But that was before the darkness when I used

to believe. Long before my soul started to bleed

Yet my mind still wanders and I continue to ponder

how wonderful it would be if love was real

But it is only a dream I can never obtain

I used to obsess over love it almost drove me insane

Then again we may all just be slaves to vanity

and selfish gain.

I try to believe but my soul only cries out and bleeds

It remembers a time when love existed

Before I entered my own world of darkness

and magic.

How wonderful it would be if love was real

How I wish I knew what I was like to feel..

How great it would be to be Alive Again...

sad poetry

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