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If Love Was Blind

by Apollo Carr about a year ago in heartbreak
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And If I Was Good Enough

If Love Was Blind
Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash

If love were as blind as the wretch that I am

Maybe my world would be at peace again

I would not wake up at night crying after nightmares

in which I hear his voice tell me it's done

Beautiful things have thorns like a rose

I'm being choked by a vine of radiant flowers

His face once made me smile

now when I see it I can't eat

every promise he made is a bed of rusted nails

and even my most hopeful dreams have wilted

I wished for a love that was foolish

In my darkest hours the beauty of this world

All came together to eat me alive


About the author

Apollo Carr

A writer hoping their poems might mean something to someone during these times

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