If I Told You

by Amazon Nikki 2 years ago in love poems

If I told you that you scared me?

If I Told You

If I told you the future scares me would you want to move past the fear or hold me close and promise that there's nothing we can't face together.

If I told you your kisses make me melt, would you stop the kisses or melt into me and blend as one.

If I told you that your arms are the safest place I've known in years, would you put them frigidly back to your side or wrap them tighter around me like a jacket of protection from the outside looking in.

If I told you that new relationships fail 63 percent of the time would you agree with the fact and know that this won't last or would you fight the odds with me by your side....

Baby if the whole world was against us...Do you know I'd stand by you looking the world directly in the eyes and let them know that they can't destroy what's meant to stand here...Together.

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