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If I Ever Love...

by Erin N Hand about a year ago in heartbreak

By: Erin Hand

If I ever love a rose

Tell me not of the thorns unknown

Whose sharp caresses scratch and claw

Tearing into flesh and bone

If I ever love the sun

Tell me not how torrid is he

How bright and fierce his fire burns

Too hot, we can never be

If I ever love the snow

Tell me not how frigid his bite

His white covering every day

So cold, he freezes all light

If I ever love the shade

Tell me not of his honest form

That he may have a darker shape

In the light for me to scorn

And if I ever love a man

Who treats me with care

Let me stay a blind fool

To all of him not fair


Erin N Hand

If I am lost in life right now then please never find me.

Poet, artist, writer, daughter, friend, dreamer, cat-mom, and with any luck, soon-to-be bird-mom!

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Erin N Hand
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