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by Isha Khaneja 4 years ago in sad poetry

a poem about reflecting back...

If I had just one day to live-

Would I have it in me to live it to the fullest?

Or would I just curl up in the corner of a room and cry?

Would I fly high or just walk around?

Live my dreams or just talk about them?

Would I be able to end it all?

All the friendships and all the enmities,

Would I have it in me to love?

Like never before.

And would I stop from leaving-

If only once someone stopped me?

If only once someone told me that they wanted me to stay.

Or would it depend on who stops me?

Or maybe this is not even possible.

Maybe it’s not possible to live one’s life in just one day.

Maybe it’s not possible for a human to.

Maybe it’s not possible for me.

sad poetry
Isha Khaneja
Isha Khaneja
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