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Ice & Fire

by Sarah Cimbat 3 months ago in love poems


Ice is like a fast plummet,


Yet relieving,

And pronounced.

While Fire is a steady build,

A heat so utterly slow,

In its burn,

And its blatant hunger for everything unborn a flame,

It always breaks or builds the bonds,

The bonds of love,





And yet,

When they combined

Everything in their path bows to them,

Honoring or surrendering to their powers,

Both unhinged,

And both far from each other,

Become a union of one pair,

Of subtle authorities,

That come naturally to those at witness,

They own this earth,

As well as many more,

Devouring anyone who decides to question


- Sarah Cimbat

love poems

Sarah Cimbat

I LOVE to write poetry, short fiction stories, short stories based off of true events that had happened to me personally, and more. I’m a college student, currently enrolled at a community college. Feel free to read/leave a tip on my poetry

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