I Wish

A poem by me

I Wish
all i can do is wish...

i wish

i wish i could run to a place

far away where the sky is blue in the daytime;

and the sun sets, revealing a yellow moonlit sky

as night approaches the air turns still and sweet,

as all my cares slowly fade away.

i wish

i wish that things could be different

my like is like a corn maze; and every step i take is in the wrong direction

as i continue to get lost, deeper and deeper into the maze

i wish to escape the burden of this maze

to find the light at the end of the tunnel

and watch as the moon looms over me at midnight

i breathe

and for once; i can be at peace

i wish for everlasting peace.

performance poetry
Mari ✨
Mari ✨
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Mari ✨

21, just finished my undergrad music degree. When I'm not performing or practicing, I write. I write poetry, album reviews, and little drabs on black culture.

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