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I wish for a light switch on life

by Lavinia Guadalupe about a year ago in sad poetry
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for those going through a lot

"be the light in someones darkness today"

A light switch on life

Only existent in your already crowded mind

Resting in the only available spot left

Using space but leaving more all the same

Needing no extra energy

Taking all the tired

Removing all the lonely you've tried so hard to evict

Making your constant burning anger die out

Stopping the endless showers of despair and self hate

Silencing the anxiety that moved in but to scared to leave

Upon flipping the switch your healing begins

Giving your body a weightless wave of serenity

The way a familiar smell you love gives you that nostalgic feeling

When you breath it in deep and the world melts away

Leaving you in that past and untainted memory

Time not forcing you back giving all of itself to you





All you'll ever need

The moment that deep breath ends and your eyes open

You feel the result of calmness

Previous intensity of the day is barely a whisper now

To feel no more...

...no more pain

"Do you ever wish there was a light switch on life?"

"Yes. I do"

sad poetry

About the author

Lavinia Guadalupe

I am a published poet four times over in Topeka Kansas. I rarely write happy sounding poems or stories. Most of what I write is personal in a way, or somewhat controversial. Nothing I write is meant to offend anyone. Please read and enjoy!

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