I weep

Prayer Poem for Humanity

I weep

I weep I weep as I look upon this earth as we go through this pandemic

Seeing no real regard for self wealth

Protesting against rules set in place to help your well being

But stupidity has always been an epidemic

I weep as the people who live to make the world hell on earth succeed

I just want to be the small percent of people who dare to make a change

Be able to inspire, encourage and make people look deep within themselves and let there soul flourish

So I can look at the reflection in the mirror

When my hair is an ambassador of wisdom and know that I had the courage to stay a good person

I weep as I feel the earth quake within itself

As we have had no respect for mother nature’s bed

Constantly shedding blood for greed

Replacing her grass with weeds

Covered in the litter of our sins, poisoning the very air we breathe

Yet we act like we don’t know it’s killing her

I weep, I weep as I feel how tired we all are

So many struggling through this crisis

Whether it’s internally financially or both we shouldn’t have to live like this

Families losing loved ones in death

Leaving the four walls of homes quieter a little harder to deal with being locked down with your own mind

I weep, I weep as people share no love amongst themselves

Faking real emotion and basking in betrayal

But now that we have to wear a real mask your finally able to see who they truly are when there subject to fear

So many only think about themselves

And my worse fear because of it is that we’ll be our own undoing

Unable to help ourselves out of devastation because we took no time to stop and smell the roses

Take a little more time appreciating life and all of it around us and taking the time to prioritize our focus

I weep, I weep for the child that goes hungry at night that’s stays strong when there home already felt like a jail and shouldn’t know what that feels like

And going to school to feel love and admiration from teachers and friends putting on a false persona living a secret life

Thinking they have no voice that anyone would pay attention to or too scared to speak because the love of a child for their mother is a beautiful thing

Or the woman subject to abuse wearing more than one mask working over time to stay strong for her children who are subject now to a front row seat

I weep as my body feels all these emotions placing myself in shoes to keep my third eye open because I’ve always strived to be that bridge of understanding

That small percent that strive to make the world a better place

I weep and pray, I weep and I pray

Please god if there is a god help take this earthly pain away

social commentary
A Rose Fleming
A Rose Fleming
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A Rose Fleming

From an early age I have loved literature and writing.I feel that everyone’s pen has a purpose! Everyone’s thoughts, and feelings are important, and should be acknowledged & shared with the world. Creativity is freedom! Freedom in voice!

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