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I Want to Hold Your Hand

by Freddy Zalta 4 months ago in love poems
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I Want to Hold Your Hand
Photo by Max Andrey on Unsplash

Walking through the whispers of autumn, through the park and then by the river.

I want to hold your hand.

Walking through the dirty streets of the city, the darkness so thick and the lost souls lining the walkways…

I want to hold your hand.

Through the long nights when the dreams do not appear, the palpitations of regret screaming in my ear.

I need you to hold my hand.

On a summers day, walking through the sun fed heat, sweat glistening above your lips, a crack of thunder in the distance…

Please let me hold your hand?

As the time turns quicker, way too fast to keep up. My body and mind, no longer in sync. Memories I can not understand…

Won’t you let me hold your hand?

On a moonless evening, walking through the burial grounds of the ones who have passed. The darkness deepening with each step, winter chill chilling me to my bones… I can sense the ancient incantations rising up from the past and rising through me with words I cannot understand…

Oh God, please hold my hand.

Lead me the way to my truth. The letters you inspire which turn into words and create worlds, even I never knew existed.

Unwrapped boxes with the gifts you have provided… I live my life just as I have decided.

I believe, I believe and I have lived as I have believed, ever since I held my parents hands…

Open the gates, lower the dam, clear out the skies and open my eyes. Tell me what to do and help me understand… Please guide me and take me by my hand.

love poems

About the author

Freddy Zalta

Currently working with families to develop personal biographies to be handed down to future generations.

Also writing fiction and poetry.


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