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I Thought of You

by Laurinda Jaffray 3 years ago in sad poetry

Losing my Gramps.

Lylha and I miss you. Forever and a day. Rindy xx

I thought of you yesterday,

I saw you today,

I thought of you an hour ago,

Like I do every day.

I hold your smile in my heart,

Your warmth in my soul.

Your arms still around me,

Your legacy keeps me whole.

So many should haves,

So many I wishes,

So many I love you's

So many last kisses.

Loosing you didn’t take a minute

An hour - or a day,

That illness crept upon you,

It led your memories astray.

One day you knew my face,

The next forgot my name,

But when you held your eyes into mine,

I was your Rindy, still the same

I know deep down you knew me,

I know you knew my voice,

I also know you fought it

I’m sorry. You weren’t given the choice

Death made it easier.

Pain free, at last - your memories came true

Death made it easier,

Death made it easier. For you.

I thought of you this evening,

I thought of you today

I miss you more than you’ll ever know

I miss you everyday

sad poetry

Laurinda Jaffray

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