I think therefore I am

by Lizzy Weeks 2 months ago in love poems

Poem about confidence

I think therefore I am

I think , therefore I am,

I’d like you to think of me

As your tin of spam.

Bits of old belly fat,

Scraps of old,chewed -up


If you picked me up and met me

Would you care

From whence I came,

From where I am ?

I doubt it

You’d be hungry and tired

I’d be your last resort

Yet I’d fill and sustain you

Never give my keyed-off can lid

A thought

Always there, fricassed or fried,

The power of spam

Should never be denied

That’s what friends do

Layer mortars of love

Build brick walls of


I’ll be your tin of spam

I’ll hold your hand


With all of my might

Just a thought

I think

Therefore I am

Your tin of spam

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Lizzy Weeks
Lizzy Weeks
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