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I See You

by J. Delaney-Howe 2 months ago in inspirational · updated about a month ago

A Poem For My Daughter

I See You
Photo by HONG FENG on Unsplash

I See You

In place of that shy little girl, stands a young woman, wise for her years.

A creative being, afraid to show your colors to the world.

A beautiful face with the Mona Lisa smile, that hides so much insecurity and hurt.

An outsider, longing to know her place in the world.

A witty humor, stifled by a difficult life.

A daughter, seeking the approval of her mother.

An empath, feeling everyone’s hurt and pain envelope you in anxiety.

A huge capacity to love others yet you don’t feel loved yourself.

A brain full of deep thoughts, that often lies to you.

A childhood interrupted.

Bearing the scars of deep despair.

Wondering if you are good enough. If you are thin enough. If you are smart enough. If you are loved enough.

I See You.

And I am impressed with your level of understanding.

I am in awe of your creativity and talent.

You have the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when you smile.

Your place in this world is right here with your family who loves you.

There would simply be a void in our lives without you.

It makes my heart full when you laugh and joke and get others laughing too.

It isn’t the same, but you have my approval. And you always will. You are my child.

I know you feel the weight of the world and feel everyone’s hurt. You will learn to temper that in time, but your heart, and your empathy inspires me to be the same.

I love your deep thoughts, when we get the chance to talk about them, and I’m here to tell you when your thoughts are lying to you.

I wish I could give you your childhood back. It hurts me to think that was taken away.

And if given the ability, I would take all your scars, and the wounds that created them.

I see you.

You are good enough. In all things. In all areas.

You are brave.

You are a gift to me. When you were born, you brought my smile with you and awakened my heart again.

You are quite simply a beautiful creation.

And you are so very loved.


J. Delaney-Howe

I am an artist at heart, from music, to painting, to furniture building. And as of recently, writing. I am currently working on my second novel. I live in farm country of Central New York with my husband and two of my children.

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J. Delaney-Howe
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