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I pour into a chalice

by Robert mackenna 5 months ago in art

A epitaph from a hour glass

I pour into a chalice
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

I pour into the chalice

as a valiant man

I am contrary to popularity

I know to some my minds quite scary

holding the Devil and God in the same dialogue

bloody murder on his arms

a sunny disposition to keep ya from harm

I sit still and absorb the psalms

of the songs I reconcile ,all loss

holy heathen ,a sun worshipper

I take the longest walk

to heaven for it's my home

and my heart will lighten in my abode

I'll understand the frequency of what's frequently known

how I compose

from ashes he wrote

I will rise like a Phoenix

and I will believe in the reason

though such great heights ,such gravity on my life

feel a responsibility in the nights

I venture to a realm inside

where I'm lost and lonely

they all dont know me

I seen the forecast of life in a rough draft

before I came back

the stipulations of a hack

if you figure out what it is

then Destiny will be the casting hand

and your tragedies all end

a curse has been lifted

theres a cross to bear

a actor in the dungeon of my demise

I grabbed him from the sky

and ripped out his eyes

so tell me now what is it you find?

so tell me know who is divine?

Look inside the epitaph of the hourglass

and see beyond a sinister laugh

to the birth of a child

who was ripped in half

when he was dispatched

Searching for her

waiting patiently on the day

what will I say

who will I portray?

does she understand how I pray?

and sweetness and suffering are the same

you just need to accept the lesson in the grace

feel the entities hold you in place

and remember to speak the truth even when ya fall into the grave

As Osiris carries you

will he know ya proof

as the spirits see the view

will they embrace all you knew?

and when you reach the cosmos above

will I become a man once more?

or simply watch over Earth?


Robert mackenna

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Robert mackenna
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