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I Might Have Written This Sooner if I Hadn't Been So Damn High: A Poem

by Emily Keeler 27 days ago in surreal poetry

A Poem Inspired By a Chain of Events Following a Seth Rogen Tweet

We all know the saying:

Write drunk, edit sober.

In a stupor, I slur,

Sober? I barely know ‘er!


Whiskey makes me mean

and wine makes me wink

so I turn to the green

instead of stiff drinks.


Seth Rogen once Tweeted:

Write high, edit high

and maybe that’s the reason

my mouth is so dry.


I step outside

I "Flick my Bic"

It sparks up,

now both my

joint and I

are lit.


Back at the keyboard

my words come out slow

they kind of make sense…

Oh, fuck it, I don’t know.


I hit submit

I sit back in my chair

Then I notice three typos


How did those get there?

"Better When You're High" by Wax (feat. Krysta Youngs)

Note from the Author

Thank you for reading my goofy little poem! I hope this piece gave you a smile. If you enjoyed this poem, you can let me know by adding a "heart," or by reaching out to me on Instagram at @emkeels or on Twitter at @sleepydrafts!

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surreal poetry
Emily Keeler
Emily Keeler
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Emily Keeler

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