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I made it out

by Incipient Poet 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Now it's time to recover

I thought that my world would crumble ,

The moment I left you behind.

I thought you held all power.

I thought you controlled my time.

I thought you defined who I was, who I am, who I'd

I thought you dictated what anyone would ever see in

Ithought you'd have a hold forever,

I thought I'd never escape.

Until the day I became aware,

I decide my own fate.

Now every day is scary,

And I don't feel liberated.

But every day that I am safe,

I can thank God that I made it.

I made it out alive,

Not together, empowered or whole.

You left bruises and scars,

Sometimes I think you took every part of my soul.

But I made it out alive,

And that's more thn I can say,

For others who have been in my shoes

That people like you took there life away.

I made it out alive,

Broken and in pieces,

But I made it out and in time,

I will unlearn the ugly treatment.

I made it out alive,

And in time I will recover.

I left you trying to hold myself together,

Held together with tape and glue.

In time i will grow into ,

Something beautiful;

Without You.

~incipient poet

sad poetry

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