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I'm Worried About Jill

by Claire Raymond about a year ago in sad poetry

I haven't seen her in a while

I'm Worried About Jill

I'm Worried About Jill

"I'm worried about Jill" I said to my wife"

She's a grown woman, I'm sure she's alright" 

"It's only 4 days, she might be away"

"You're right, I'm sure I'll see her today"

Took the dog for a walk and there was still no sign

But the wife was right, she was probably fine.

4 days turned to 6 and still she's a no-show

I'm worried about this woman I hardly know

Don't know her last name, she's only a neighbour

But this isn't like her usual behaviour

I saw her everyday sometimes it was twice

She was kind of a drunk, but she was really quite nice

6 days are now 8 I'm really concerned

If she has gone away, I wish she'd return

I bought presents for her and some for her pets

Because she always brought my bin in whenever I'd forget

I'm starting to think that she isn't away

I'll speak to her brother, see what he's got to say

I went over to see what I could ascertain

When he told me that Jill had opened her veins

"There was blood everywhere" he told me in tears

I broke down right there, it was just what I'd feared

We weren't best of friends, but we spoke every day

But I'll never again hear what she has to say

I'm so sorry Jill, I knew something was wrong

Now you're not coming back, you're forever gone

If you're worried for someone, ask if they're okay

That might be the thing that makes them decide to stay

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Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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