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I'm Sleeping With The Internet

by Samm Sposito 10 months ago in sad poetry


i’m sleeping with the internet

in the age of new technology

i’m sleeping with the internet

it’s the newest form of intimacy

the internet and i aren’t going steady

we’re just sleeping together

in the age of information

we’re all the other one has

the internet doesn’t love me

how could the internet do that?

there are hundreds,


better than me

and the internet has it all

i just have the internet

and the internet has me

but i am not the internet

the internet holds power over me

i ache to learn more

to achieve more

to be more

and the internet aides and abets

i’m sleeping with the internet

i’m feeling miserable inside

but if the internet finds that out

i’ll be left alone

to rot

i’ll be stuck in the shell ive created

to please the internet

the shell’s my only comfort

besides the internet that is

but the internet’s been off lately

not quite as open,

or quick,

or frugal with information

the internet has many shells he must manage

it would be silly to assume that it’s only me

the age of information

brings everything to light

if everything we’ve ever wanted,

or desired,

or questioned,

was at the tip of our fingers,

we would never rest

and the internet knows this

he thrives in the age of information

little does he know

that if the internet is my downfall,

his downfall

is mine.

sad poetry

Samm Sposito

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Samm Sposito
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