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I'm not a text

I'm not a text, which can be erased by waves

By AnecdotePublished 4 months ago • 1 min read
I'm not a text
Photo by Anastasia Nelen on Unsplash

I am not a text written on the shore, which can be erased by the waves.

I am not a rain drop that stops raining!!

I am not a dream, which can be forgotten after seeing.

I am not a gust of wind, that came and passed away!!

I am not the moon, which set after night.

I am that feeling!

The one who turns into blood in you!!

I am that color

The one who keeps climbing on your heart should never come down!!!

I am that song, which will never be separated from your lips.

I am that license, which will keep on burning but will not even oops!!

Dreams, words, like air, like four drops of candle!

There is no question of my extinction!!

Because I'm love!!

fact or fiction

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I have found solace and joy in the art of writing. A girl who thrives on expressing thoughts, dreams, and emotions through the power of language. Join me on this journey of wordswordsđź’•

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