I'm a Hippie

Lost in This Age

I'm a Hippie

I am a hippie

It is not about an era

It's not about long hair

Or style of apparel

It's not about taking psychedelics

Those definitions are wrong

I am a hippie

Because I am lost

And out of place

Lost in an age

Of greed and vanity

Lost in a time

Out of place with my spirit

I am a free spirit

A flower child

A wandering nomad

Both the artist and the muse

Always searching

For joy and beauty

In an ugly world that's full of sadness

I wear flowers in my hair

Not as a fashion statement

But as a political statement

I believe in peace

Not war

I believe in love

Not hate

I believe in wisdom

And integrity

And truth

And compassion

And honour

And if those beliefs make me a hippie

Then I will wear the label with pride

I am proud to be counted among

Those who think for themselves

Those who strive every day

To make this world a better place

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A. R. Ambrosi
A. R. Ambrosi
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A. R. Ambrosi

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