I Let You Hurt Me Because...

They say that first love is everything because it's your first.

I Let You Hurt Me Because...

i let you hurt me because i was a fool

a young, horny, naïve fool

we were both teenagers then

somehow you stripped me

of the innocence that

i possessed as a child

no, i ain’t talking virginity

the way that i viewed the world, my life’s joy

i let someone take it all away

subconsciously i couldn’t notice it

maybe i was hypnotized by your lethal beauty

too preoccupied with trying to please you

looking at that gorgeous body

thinking about how i’m gonna make you holler tonight

all the while you were getting hollered by others too

you were being a bit too friendly to your “friends”

were they really your friends

or buddies on the side that

you lead on because you were "so bored"

i should have listened to what moms told me

you wasn’t anything from the start

you flossed me for free pleasure and smoke

i was too busy getting whipped by your moisture

to even realize it until it was too late

you were plottin’ on me from the jump

you knew how to take advantage

my heart was in shreds after losing you

but through all that heartbreak

i found some comfort and leveraged my distress

using it as a tool for self-sufficiency

kept bettering myself and my craft

put all my drivel into the many anthologies that i’ve published

the pain you brought me, right?

i brought that to the stage,

now look at me, doing shows and stuff

gettin’ so much recognition for my achievements

haven’t been in a relationship since

you know what?

i don’t need no woman to bring me any kind of comfort

i don’t need no woman to keep me company

i haven’t been meeting any like-minded individuals lately

you know ones who don’t get offended by my revolutionary

actions, statements, and beliefs or my ambitions

i can do this all on my own

what can a woman do for me that i can’t do for myself

besides have my children

can’t do that on my own, right?

i don’t think i’ll ever find the proper love that i want

at least not for a very long time

i’ve been relentless in all my endeavors

i’m glad you hurt me

it only strengthened me

it only made me proceed

it only made me amplify my content

i’ve morphed into a wizard of words

now that i’ve blown, you want me back again

trying to apologize for everything you’ve done to me

do i accept your apology?


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