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I Have The Greatest Love On Earth

Some find true love when they least expect it.

By Silena Le BeauPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I am in love with the man of my dreams

I truly admire that he is a total gentleman

I cherish him because I been through so much

And he is my rock, and is always there for me

He is a man of his word and has integrity

I am also amazed that he has the tools

to be in a proper, mature,adult relationship

And it is so refreshing to have

someone so amazing in my life

I dont have to worry about any angry outbursts

because he is so calm and even tempered

I love the way he naturally loves me

He loves me more than life itself and he cherishes me

Theres nothing more that I can ask for

Than a noble man who cherishes our union.

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About the Creator

Silena Le Beau

She expresses her gift of writing through each piece. She studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She gives back to the community & enriches them with enlightenment. Philanthropist, Empath and Nature lover.

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    Silena Le BeauWritten by Silena Le Beau

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