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I have no more tears!

My heart is still pure.

By Irene MielkePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
I have no more tears!
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I used to see you as a future king.

I thought one day I'd wear your wedding ring.

I imagined we'd always be together.

Have this unconditional love forever.

It was like a real live movie on the big screen.

I got so caught up in you like a dream.

I showed you my best. I showed you my worst.

Still not sure if I was blessed or cursed.

I can't figure out which part hurts.

I guess you prefer the girls in the mini skirts.

I want to forget you.

I'm stuck on remembering you.

You haunt me like a nightmare.

Why did I have to care?

I shake with anxiety when I hear your name.

Do you say I'm to blame?

I constantly push you away.

I have to accept there won't be a brighter day.

Why do you put me on a guilt trip?

Like, somehow, you deserve a big tip?

I had so much pain.

I started to feel insane.

I can't look at you.

I was naive to trust you.

Words and charm are your game.

Chase your fame.

I'll be over here,

One day overcoming my fear.

I am rewriting my story with a happy ending.

I guess this must be the purpose God is sending.

Sadly you know.

I loved your show!


I don't do well with heartbreak.

You promised me I wouldn't have heartache.

I can't be your friend.

I got too emotionally attached in the end.

I can't watch your life.

It cuts me like a knife.

You lied -- oh, you lied.

I cried., yes I cried.

My tears were too much; you ran away.

I dream we could go back to yesterday.

I know you're afraid.

You're ready with your blade.

My standards were too high.

So, in the end, we both waved goodbye.

Why did I like you?

Now I don't know what to do.

Why did you want me?

If you were going to choose easy?

They keep saying I deserve better.

I wrote you letter after letter.

I guess you can read those.

I wouldn't accept your rose.

Sing your sad song.

To me, you're long gone.

I'm untouchable now.

I'm unreachable now.

Blame your pride.

These tears have dried.

I'll be a man's princess.

Sorry, I can't play the mistress.

I guess they can.

It's just not who I am.

Once upon a time, I was there.

I was more than fair.

I guess I want to be freed.

I'll pray you still succeed.

But I can't say I hate you.

I waited so long for you!

Someday you'll look for me--

Straight out of curiosity!

It's your loss if that day I'm happy.

Smile for him, and remember me.

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Irene Mielke


I am Irene. I am an aspiring blogger and writer looking to influence the next generation towards their dreams. I want the rest to know that age is just a #, and you're never too old to begin a new dream from scratch.

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