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I found it

by Aleksandra @spiritualkookie 2 months ago in inspirational
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Trauma glimmers

I found it
Photo by Zoe on Unsplash

I found it in the movie from childhood.

I found it in the sunshine kissing my face.

I found it in realization of the falsehood

and in the universal embrace.

I was taught wrong -

I simply needed to retrace .

The world has always loved

and the feelings of exclusion,

signs without a fail showed

to be the biggest illusion.

It is my song

my pure emotional effusion.

I was an ugly duckling

who turned into a swan curiously.

There was no bedtime tucking

it was a dark walk seriously.

I am full of love from invisible since I woke

And it delivers mysteriously.

I cherish them all my little glimmers

the forehead kiss and the scent of your chest.

We both feel like a lucky winners !

First time ever I feel that I can rest !

Is you my heart longs

and I have passed the test.

It comes from a belief

it was not all for nothing

knowing I was right brings a relief .

Universe was not bluffing

It was them who brought the smoke

and I know the best is rushing...

It's in pumpkin spice

And the cigarette smoke.

It's in fairy lights

and the gentle stroke.

It's in the feeling I belong

and surrender to bespoke. ..

*trauma glimmers- opposites to trauma triggers ; instantly triggering peace and calmness


About the author

Aleksandra @spiritualkookie

I am a spiritual writer who thanks to my spiritual awakening dared to dream and leave my project somewhere else than a drawer.

I am trying to heal through creative process and help others either do the same or find some comfort in my posts.

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