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I Fell in Love With a Drowning Man

by River Gilliam about a year ago in sad poetry
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I Fell in Love With a Drowning Man
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

I dreamt of you last night,

And I awoke today

And felt your chest

Under my head.

I felt your heart

Beating inside you.

I felt your legs

Entangled in mine.

Under the white sheets,

Your tender lips

Touched my forehead;

Warm coffee

Stained the bed.

I am sober of you now

But like the passing whisper

Of wind through the Autumn air,

You fled

As quickly as you fell

And you unlit each burning candle

With your breeze.

I am sober of you now

Though I can still feel you

Like the last drink

That warmed my body

And dizzied my brain.

Like a rose

Unfolding with the season,

Petal by petal,

I watched the stem

Grow every thorn

As you fell deeper

Into your habits.

The sunset lights up the sky

For you every evening

And I see your freckled eyes

Staring back at me.

The silhouette of your memory

Dances on beside me.

But the memory of you,

It loosens.

I am sober of you now,

Though I can still feel you here with me.

I fell in love with a drowning man

Who poured his soul

Into the ashes,

Thinking he would live on forever.

sad poetry

About the author

River Gilliam

My dad always said he knew I was going to be a poet because I was crying before I had even completely left the womb. It’s always been my dream to get published someday.

She/her. Cosmetologist. Writer. Vegan. Dog mom.

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