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I Feel Like

by Justin Douglas Lee 10 months ago in sad poetry
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Life is pain and misery

I Feel Like
Photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash

I feel like happiness doesn't know where to find me

Gotta move forward, I'm leaving my past behind me

Doesn't matter when cause I've always been bad at timing

I might be bad, but I know that there's good inside me

Feels like my life is an obstacle here to try me

My feet are moving as soon as I hear the sirens

Them black and whites are attacking my peaceful life and nirvana

I know I've got to get it together but I don't wanna

Erratically eradicating a rat I'm dating

Can't continue being in a relationship that I'm faking

Don't know where I'm moving, just know I've gotta move forward

Can't continue living this life if I can't afford it

Music's my baby, I know I'll never abort it

I burden beats with my lyrics, I know that they can support 'em

Smoking herb, I've been sipping on some imported

My head can only be clear when my vision's distorted

It's been too damn long and I'm still trying to get out

Of this sink hole I'm in called life

And this gravity is too damn strong and I've got no doubt

That I'll be here til the day that I die

Cause life is pain and misery

It's all that I know

Nothing but anguish and depression

That never lets go

So late at night I close my eyes and I breathe in slow

And let the hope flow into me and give me reason to go

I feel like snakes are conspiring to surround me

Standing in the fire and that's where the darkness found me

Lost in the silence, I hear that my heart is pounding

With visions of my relationships falling apart around me

My friends have vanished, alone with my bleeding wounds I

Feel entombed blacking out like I'm breathing fumes

I can't forget the future and can't remember the past

Cause I give into bad habits that tend to suspend my cash

December has passed, it's a new year and I'm on my ass

The moment to act, when there is nothing holding me back

There's no going back, forward is all I know, so in fact

Emotions in tact, all I can do is hope I don't crack

I know that I'll never be holding a stack

I focus on that, I won't be copacetic, it's sad

I let it get bad, let go, and let it just crash

So I go home and smoke a bowl and open a pack

Cause life is pain and misery

sad poetry

About the author

Justin Douglas Lee

Pupper Blog

I'm an aspiring author and poet, on a life-long journey of self-discovery and learning. I'm an avid reader and lover of all things creative and independent.

[email protected]

You can find my book on Amazon.

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