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#I don't mind

by Thanh Dinh 12 months ago in heartbreak

From the "Save Me" Collection

#I don't mind
Photo by monicore from Pexels

I said I don't mind

not the pain

nor the unstable legs

and the scars piling up, as if

life had a grotesque scheme against me.

But then, you just have to look at me

and ruin it all with your tears.

How could you not mind, you say.

The silent tears turn sunflower fields

to sun rays.

I said I don't mind, my darling,

until your tears fall down

and turn all my lies into blooming flowers.

But honey, the flowers all wither away in the end,

and my melancholy has turned into something




than what your tears can save.

Baby, what can I do?

I want you to be happy

More than anyone, more than me.

Tell me my darling, tell me,

Can a sunflower field stop the tears on your face?

- You say it cannot. And we have reached an impasse.

Thanh Dinh
Thanh Dinh
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Thanh Dinh

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