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I Don't Believe

by Gerald del Campo 2 months ago in social commentary
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Cynicism by betrayal

I don’t believe anymore

The earth will ever belong to the poor

The disenfranchised, the unemployed

The lost, forgotten or the ones deployed

I don’t believe in equal justice

Or that freedom was ever free

The lie of capitalism

Or walking the Sea of Galilee

I don’t believe that celestial peace

Will ever come to me

Man is just a hairless monkey

Swinging from a synthetic tree

But I do believe in you

And the promises that you kept

And the truths that you whispered

When you thought I slept

social commentary

About the author

Gerald del Campo

Gerald Enrique del Campo is a poet, Jungian, philosopher, hermetic magician, shaman, mythologist, author, musician, mead maker, herbalist, foodie, motorcyclist and, all around nice guy.

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