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I Can’t Remember

A Poem

By Michael SnellenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
I Can’t Remember
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I can’t remember.

I can’t remember what I was doing a moment ago.

I can’t remember what time I went to sleep last night.

I couldn’t tell you what I ate for breakfast this morning.

Did I have cake for my birthday last year?

Did I drink whiskey or rum that one time I lost all my dimes?

Did I walk or did I run when I could only feel the sun?

I don’t remember if I told you I loved you;

Too hard to say.

How big of a tip did I pay?

Was I sick yesterday or today?

Is that it; maybe there’s some more?

Have I ever given to the poor?

What is this scar for?

What was my first memory?

Did my mother kiss me when I was first born?

Did I feel my child’s hand when I was knocking on death’s door?

I can’t remember what my soul has not forgot.

. . .

Michael Snellen

sad poetry

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Michael Snellen

An audacious young writer.



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