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I Am the Orange Sun

by Annie Wood 5 days ago in inspirational

a poem

artwork by the author, Annie Wood

glowing inside

i am partly what you made me from your home in Petah Tikva

born under the desert sky

i am fragments of my mother

of my mother’s land

the marigold tangerines

the honey loquat

all shades of orange

like the sun

you ask me, do you love the world?

i answer,

it’s easy to love the world when you are the sun.

it’s a warm heat

an orange heat

orange breathes joy



when the bombs fell

you still played

you knew the great strength

of continuing on

i have this too

this joy

this strength

this forward-moving

because it’s easy to love the world

when you are the sun.

Annie Wood
Annie Wood
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Annie Wood

I'm an Israeli-American, Hollywood, CA native

who writes fiction, plays, essays & poetry. A common theme of mine is embracing your youness by not following the fold.

Also, I'm a TV/film actor & mixed media artist.


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