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I Am Not A Representative

a poem on tokenization

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 2 years ago 1 min read
I Am Not A Representative
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When I share my stories

of microaggressions,

of racism,

of inequalities,

I do not speak on behalf

of a larger group.


I speak as me.


You might find similarities

between my story

and the story

of another

with a similar background,

but know that deep down

they are not the same.


Do not take my story

to invalidate someone else

who is in similar shoes,

but felt differently.


Do not read my story

and assume that you

have the full picture

of what it means to be someone like me.


Do not argue my story

by citing another’s differing viewpoint —

hers is as valid as mine.


I am not a representative,

not someone who can speak about

all the aspects of what it means

to be part of a group,

but rather one part of the whole.


Seek out the stories of others like me

to understand

the nuances,

the diversity within diversity.


Poetry Prompt: Reflect on what aspect of your writing you wish more people cued into, or noticed. What message do you want to shine a spotlight on? What values?


Lucy (The Eggcademic) has been invited to write diversity, equity and inclusion statements simply because she has spoken about her experiences with racism a few times. Know that she is not an expert in policy, sociocultural experience, but rather that she can only share her own experiences as part of a whole. She is not a representative, but rather one sharing a unique set of experiences that will have some commonalities with others. She has much of her own anti-racism and decolonization work to do.

This poem was first published here.

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Lucy Dan (she/her/她)

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