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I AM BLACK...!!!

The untold stories of a common man

By Mansoor AbdullahPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
I AM BLACK...!!!
Photo by Lucas Gouvêa on Unsplash

I am black, a hue of richness and depth,

A color that speaks of a long, proud history kept.

I am the sun that shines upon the land,

A symbol of strength that makes me stand.

I am the rhythm of music that moves the soul,

The laughter of children that makes the world whole.

I am the wisdom of elders, passed down through time,

The courage of those who fought to end the climb.

I am the soul of a culture, rich and bold,

A people who've overcome and never lost their hold.

I am the love that binds families and friends,

The resilience that never lets us bend.

I am black, and I am proud,

A shining example of what can be allowed.

I am a reflection of all that is good,

And I am grateful for the life I have withstood.

So here I stand, with my head held high,

Celebrating all that I am, with a voice that cannot die.

For I am black, and I am strong,

A force of nature that will always carry on.

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