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by Jason J. Marchi 5 months ago in inspirational

Celebrate the Colors of Humanity

Photo by Braxton Apana on Unsplash

I am a prism gathering light

casting my spectrum onto the page.

A spectrum of diversity—a rainbow kaleidoscope

divided from the united—and yet side-by-side

I stand with all others as one visible spectrum

lighting the world with feeling and form,

thought and emotion,

until a story, a poem, a writ is done—

where before only blank space occupied

my journal canvas.

My colors, like all the colors of Humanity

are moved to the page—

in cooperation not competition

understanding not confusion—

insight into the conditions that make us human.

Driven by sun energy I see & hear everyone around me—

where-ever and whenever I travel—

and each face looking back is a prism too,

interpreting life as best we can—together.


Jason J. Marchi

Jason is a newspaper reporter and fiction writer. His books include: Ode on a Martian Urn, The Legend of Hobbomock-The Sleeping Giant, The Growing Sweater, and Venus Remembered. Jason lives in his childhood home, in Guilford, Connecticut.

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Jason J. Marchi
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