I Almost Had You (Strawberry Sherbet)

by Zachary Boulanger about a month ago in heartbreak

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I Almost Had You (Strawberry Sherbet)

And I almost had you for good

And I kinda wish that I could go back and change it

And I don't hate you at all, like you thought I would

In fact it's quite the opposite you know we're good.

But the feeling isn't the same

I feel happy but lame

And My life is just a game of choices

And all these voices telling me go

I guess I will

What's next, who knows

What's best, don't know

I'm closing these doors for something new and of course I'm kinda scared.

But I'm going, gone nowhere

How does it work?
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Zachary Boulanger

Zachary Boulanger is a Canadian musician currently based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. He studies music at Dalhousie University. Zach's debut EP and album are set to be released in early 2020. 

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