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by Andrew Johnston 12 days ago in social commentary

Life is the grandest machine.

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

Thus we shaped our ideal god.

We sang in time to the digital hum

And harmonized with its synthetic voice

For we knew no other possibility.

We did not need that harmony

But chose to accept it; now,

We live with the consequences.

The greater machine -

Society, never more than a machine -

Is drawn now by its lesser,

A cart pulled by a horse

That the owner can not stop.

For me, I feel the human's cost

And eager pain, this daily ache

Found amid the refuse heap

Where we, the elders, dwell

While far above, the willful blind

March along the pallid ground.

We are adrift, and yet

There is direction in what we do.

social commentary
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston
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Andrew Johnston

Educator, writer and documentarian based out of central China. Catch the full story at www.findthefabulist.com.

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