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Human Lanterns

Inspired by the Word Hunt challenge, but shorter.

By Sady Bayne Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Human Lanterns
Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

Those people that seem to defy the laws of judgement and faction, the ones that stir the pot and beam with positivity and love, even at their lowest, the ones that the masses love but don’t understand… who are they? You know them, I know them, but where did they come from? Why does life seem so grand and effortless to them? How do they see so much beauty? And why do they get to enjoy all the things the rest of us seem to sacrifice?

Oh, these people are very misunderstood. The answers to all our question remain so simple that they stare us in the face without notice. Think about it…

The masses have moments when time and love are grounded in reality and understood, but most often in a tragedy. In these moments, what happens? We understand the universe. We understand that time is endless, and we are mortal. We remember that all along we were forgetting to relish in it. And then, most often, that is followed by positive recounts. Yes, in sorrow, but that does not negate the positive of the memories and celebrations.

You see now?

Those people the act as lanterns to ours, theirs and everyone’s lives, they continue to celebrate and recount positives because they never forget the sorrows. The beauty is found in the mundane and in the life that veils us all but is too often invisible.

Many reach to be in the 1% but only in reference to monetary value, not remembering that paper lanterns fly. They parachute up to the highest skies as they are, while everyone collectively stares in awe of their light, both creating great views and seeing them. And on the shortest day they shone the brightest. For the skies stay dark more than any other.

Just like the human lanterns themselves, this occasion is rare and spectacular; the winter solstice may teach us lessons if we take the time to listen.

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Sady Bayne

Just your average life enthusiast, out here trying to write or whatever. Making the most of anything and everything.

Obsessed with living and, well, the deep stuff... like your soul color or what 2 animals together is you

Have a great day :)

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