How I know

A short story/poem

How I know
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You know how I know love is real?

I know love exists because, like love, you’re beautiful

You laugh, but it's true

Beauty is something both rare and astounding

Magnificent and special,

It is a moment in nature that is both rare and sudden,

Where you want to cry, not because you want to hold onto it forever, but because you know it is beautiful; and you feel peace and calm just from having enjoyed the few seconds of it.

I know love exists because, like love, you hurt.

Pain is the proof of life, but some tend to bear more than others

Everyone has pain, but a feeling exists that allows others to have strength in taking on others' pain, So as to keep others safe and comfortable,

And nowhere is that more evident than in you.

I know love exists because, like love, your patient

Like a mother waiting for her child to stop crying, you wait, tenderly, supportively, yet passively, allowing space for healing and forgiveness that comes from this care

I know Love exist because, like love, you are gone:

Love is internal in the moment,

But that moment will soon pass,

Only to be replaced by another and yet still another after that

So. I know love exists... Because you exist

And it would be a pity if you only existed for me in my mind

So you exist for the world, and that is why I know love exists

Because your touch is felt in the world

And your attention is given to the world

I would say I am jealous of the world…

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Nicholas Alexander Guerrero
Nicholas Alexander Guerrero
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