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Hope in the Darkness

Finding Light in the Depths of Despair

By MAKING REAL MONEYPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
Hope in the Darkness
Photo by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash

When darkness falls and all seems lost,

And life's harsh winds have taken their cost,

When every step feels like a heavy load,

And the weight of the world seems to erode,

It's then that hope must shine its light,

A beacon of love, oh so bright,

A flame that flickers, but never fades,

A lifeline to pull us from the shades.

For hope is the promise of a new start,

A chance to heal a broken heart,

To find the courage to rise and fight,

And chase away the endless night.

Hope is the hand that reaches out,

To soothe our fears and ease our doubts,

To guide us through the darkest seas,

And bring us safely to our knees.

For hope is the heartbeat of the soul,

A rhythm that keeps us on our goal,

A melody that sings of love,

A gift from the heavens above.

So hold on tight to hope's warm embrace,

And let it fill your heart and grace,

Where dreams come true and hearts are free,

And hope shines bright for all to see.

For hope is the strength that we all need,

To face life's trials and wounds to heed,

To hold on tight when all seems lost,

And rise again, no matter the cost.

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