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Honey Bee

by Mr.Smith 10 months ago in love poems

a poem

Honey Bee
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Let go as I open your soul for the

first time.

Feel it rupture from your body as

you’re resurrected in ecstasy.

Like the searching honey bee,

we dance between the stars

in search of our rhythm

blood pounding in your ears as

my fingers make you mine.

Your skin beckons, crying out,

begging I leave my mark.

Lust demands its weight in flesh.

Do you feel alive under my gaze

as my lips caress,

my tongue tastes,

and I enter you?

Like our winged friend, I’ve found my pollen

your nectar my ambrosia

I feel alive as I drink you in,

surrender and feel it too.

love poems


I write erotica, fiction, and poetry.

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