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by Amanda Olejniczak 3 years ago in sad poetry
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“I don’t know”

I was told to draw the face of a clock

She wanted to make sure my brain was functioning properly

I thought:

I’m here again for having an eating disorder

Of course it’s not functioning properly

I took the pen and paper from her

I was frustrated that it wasn’t a pencil

I thought:

“If I make a mistake I won’t be able to fix it!”

I could have asked for a pencil

But I didn’t

So I drew the clock anyway without protest

I slowly and carefully drew a circle as perfectly as I could

I drew the numbers:

First, 12 at the top

Then 6 at the bottom,

3 on the right,

And 9 on the left

I then filled in the remaining numbers

And handed the drawing to her

It didn’t cross my mind that I hadn’t drawn any hands on the face of my clock until she asked me why I didn’t

I felt embarrassed and answered “I don’t know”

My famous answer to questions I fear I’ll answer incorrectly

As if saying “I forgot to” would kill me faster then starving myself was

sad poetry

About the author

Amanda Olejniczak

My name is Amanda and I am a college graduate with my bachelor's degree in English. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember and am a proud advocate for mental health and abuse survivors.

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