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By Stephen EmsleyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Vivek Trivedi on Unsplash

(Opens Grindr app)

(Sets up profile)

Writes bio:

Very shy and creative guy, looking for new friends and companionship. Very self conscious about my body, so please don’t ask for nudes. I’m genuine & caring, looking to start a new life chapter. Would love to hear from similar guys.

Ultimately looking for chat and friendship only, but maybe more with a caring, genuine guy.

Not looking for quick hook-ups so please don’t ask.

Immediately gets sent several dick pics or “wanna meet?” messages.

Nice guy starts chat, and friendship develops, but you’re reluctant to meet as you’re so shy and self conscious. Why would someone so confident and attractive be interested in ugly old you?

You see an ex partner and risk a message, but in trying to compliment them, you cause offence. Really?

Nice guy sees past your negativity and actually makes you feel good about yourself.

More dick pics; hmm, that last one catches your eye… Message sent.

Flirty chat and meet arranged; so much for ‘not looking for quick hook-ups’. But he’s so hot, and seems really genuine.

Only he’s not. Once you’ve had your fun encounter, he doesn’t want to know, and your self confidence is left in tatters.

Closes Grindr account.

(One week later)

Reinstalls Grindr app.

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