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by Albert Andre 7 months ago in sad poetry

Somewhere to run but nowhere to live

No home and not my fault

Out! Out! Out!... came a loud cry

And don't come back, was added at the end

Take that with you, and that! and that!.. and that!

A bag, a black bin liner and a cat

Bang, slam, lock followed and I'm in shock

I dropped to my bottom landing on the bag

Head in hands" what the Hell?" I asked

No answer came and I'm still in doubt

Is there a reason how this has come about

Maybe she doesn't love me

Or she's had enough, enough of this and that

That of me and Cybil, my Siamese cat

I can't sit here forever I'll have to make a move

Need to find my mobile phone and ring my friend up; Matt

Oh I've just remembered, she didn't give me that

Not to worry Daniel, just get your things together and stuff them in the car

Don't forget the cat, Cybil; Cybil! Cybil! in you get

home for a little while

That's it, all in, but who's house do I drive to?

Tom's? Dick's? or Harry's? or maybe even mums?

Who knows, I'll just start driving and see where it goes

Five miles later, I'm stopping to have a cup of tea and a scone

Still not really knowing where to sleep, Eureka! I'll stop at mums

"I'm sure she'll be glad to see me" I told myself

"but not today" I reasoned, as it's getting very late

Not going to bother no one, I'll park the car right here

It's quiet and secluded and I should not be disturbed

Winding down the cars front seat will give me all the space I need

This large overcoat will serve me as a cover

I'll be snug and cosy and if I leave the engine running I'll be warm

One night, two nights passed sleeping in my car

Don't think I could do a third night

I'm going to my sister Claud, she'll let me have her couch

It was only for a day or two, then I went to mums

I didn't beg, steal but borrowed and that's what got me through

Bet you never thought or guessed that I was 'HOMELESS'

Well think again... I'm not, but oh so CLOSE!

sad poetry
Albert Andre
Albert Andre
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Albert Andre

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