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Home Is Where Improvement Happens

by Issac Castle 8 months ago in inspirational · updated 8 months ago
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Home Is Where Improvement Happens
Photo by Vincent Chin on Unsplash

Home was the day I stood still staring at the night sky

Stars paled the light in my eyes

A 3am epiphany that changed my life

I learned that everything is alright

That I am one tiny piece of the infinite universe

Terrifying and bright

Under the Abyss of bluish blackness

My size forced me to let go of my ego

What was I, one creature of flesh and bone?

Compared to you and others and whatever lays beyond

Arrogance and narcism blown away

as the breeze tinkled my face

Goosebumps rose across my skin

Pride embraced me from within

I am better for learning that lesson

The skies teach humbleness in a clever way

So, whenever I grow arrogant and begin to decay

I return home under the stars

Where the universe reminds how small we are


About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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