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by KimberleeFantasies 9 days ago in inspirational

What Home Means To Me

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I cuddle up on the sofa with my warmest scarf.

I can hear the rain pounding down on the top of the tin roof.

It makes me feel cozy as I relax with a warm mug of apple cider.

The temperature has cooled down some and it is nice and breezy.

I love to sit on my porch swing and take in the Halloween scenery.


I go door-to-door and bring cheer by singing Christmas carols.

I sit in my rocking chair with a heated blanket and a cup of cocoa.

I find a local resort and ski down the highest peak effortlessly.

Christmas shopping is a breeze since I started early this year.

The candles I bought look beautiful and smell delicious.


The flowers have started to bloom and look especially nice

The sun has come out of hiding to greet us and say hello.

I started to dance in the rain since it was raining quite frequently.

I developed a small cold but am doing much better now.

Vibrant colors are in style, and I am dressing my best.


I enjoy a well-packed picnic in the park.

The sun’s rays are beaming down as I partake in a nice meal.

The waves in the ocean take me as the current rises.

I bought some new summer outfits to dress for the occasion.

It is the times throughout the year that makes me feel at home.



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