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Hollywood Physics

A Poem

Hollywood Physics


How do we blame

The spoon when the

Mouths accept their

Meals without

Any questions?

Same fools who only

Wanted recess,

Skipped out on

Educational nutrition

To fatten themselves

With fiction.

Same fools who trust

Hollywood physics

And follow the

Fucking Kardashians.

Same fools who don't

Research and remain


Same fools who idolize

Out of sensation rather

Than what's really


It's the biggest

Misfortune to know

The concept of

Critical thinking has

Always been foreign.

It's tragic when people

Think romance

Should be The Notebook

By proven statistics.

It should be alarming

To see more than half

Of society is illiterate.

The day folks say

"I read it before

Netflix distorted it"

We can consider change.

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Michael Butorovich
Michael Butorovich
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Michael Butorovich
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