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Hollowed Words

by R.R.Hannaman about a month ago in heartbreak
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Hollowed Words
Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

Hollowed words dropped again

As fast as bullets flying

People screaming and fleeing

Empty thoughts and prayers

All prayers no action.

Empty sentiment

Hollowed words

Masking broken hearts

Open wounds

Hollowed words

Salt such wounds.

Hollowed words

Sentiment lost

Upon an endless loop

Like a broken record






Robotically typed

By familiar motions

#hollow words

#hollow thoughts

#hollow prayers

Hollowly hashed up

If you must think

Do so with reflections

Followed by action

If you pray,

Pray in and for solidarity

Empathize and support

Pray though



Follow through with action

Or else it’s just another


Just another


Just another



About the author


I have been writing a lot of stories and poems for a long time. It is nice to have a place to share it. I like to write about varying topics in my poem. I am constantly working on my world building and stories about my world Avaboya.

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