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by Mariya 3 years ago in love poems
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A short poem

I fell in love for the first time

In the land of wind

She gifted me with a dose of laughter, falls, and nicotine

Her sole nature mysterious from

Head to toe

Got me wondering around about my sins and flaws

The breeze of the North Sea was her most distinctive sense

As a priceless perfume, I wore it on my neck

And those lands of endless fields

Trapped my mind in an astonishing twist

I don’t dare to say she was the majestic

Of them all

But I dare to say she was wonder herself

Embedded in her skies

Crooked in the nights

She flew like the sounds of the birds

Along with the sunrise

Fondling my wicked skin

To create awe in a

Crystal spiral of weeps and mirth

love poems

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