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by Abel Johnson Thundil 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Written by Abel Johnson Thundil

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

My grandma sits in front of the TV.

But she doesn’t hear,

Doesn’t read,

Doesn’t understand.

She makes out everything through sight,

And she makes out everything wrong.

But I am responsible too.

She sees a villain with a gun

And asks if he's a cop.

I say “hmm” and shake my head.

She sees two girls kissing

And asks if one of them is a man in disguise.

I say “hmm" and shake my head.

She sees a car explode

And asks if it's a war.

I say “hmm" and shake my head.

Then the questions stop coming

As she closes her eyes

And her head falls back into the sofa.

I call her up

And take her to her room.

There is something beautiful about this;

She'll sit there again tomorrow and ask me questions.

I’ll say “hmm" and shake my head.

There is something beautiful about this;

Something beautiful

In seeing and not understanding;

Something beautiful

In saying “hmm" and shaking my head.

So we watch TV together


sad poetry

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Abel Johnson Thundil

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